Tuesday, December 26, 2006

About Us

When we were kids, Amy hated sharing a room with Keri so much, she hung an old Raggedy Ann bedspread down the middle of the room to delineate her territory and give her a modicum of privacy. 30 years later, Amy invited Keri and her family to move into her house (with nary a bedspread in sight). It's only temporary (or so we keep telling ourselves). But for now, while Keri, her husband Matty, and sons Declan and Ronan, share a home with sister Amy, her husband, Andy, and their kids Jonah, Erika, Hilary, and twins Gretchen and Aaron, we thought it worthwhile to document our peaceful coexistence and/or permanent family rift.


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LaShai said...

Hey Amy Andy and Jonah..My name is LaShai and iwas one of jonahs favorite CA's at KKI.I was wondering how he was doin,i miss him like crazy. Take Care ,Love you guys

Autism News Beat said...

Hi, Amy.

I couldn't find an email address for you, so I hope it's OK if I ask my question here. I am trying to track down the source of the quote you attributed to Dr. Lee Wachtel last June, in your essay "Getting Real About Autism". The quote reads:

Dr. Wachtel estimates that "less than five percent" of diagnosed autistics have the linguistic and cognitive skills to participate in this movement. "Most are not going to grow up to be Temple Grandin," she adds, referring to the famous autistic author and doctorate in animal science.

Did you speak with Dr. Wachtel yourself, or was this quote borrowed from another source?

Thank you.

Ken Reibel