Thursday, September 13, 2007

Declan the Lothario

My son is a stud.

It's true. I'm not just saying it because I'm his mother.

At his birthday party on Saturday, I heard first hand from the parents of all his lovesick girlfriends:

"Brooke called me at work and said, Daddy, I have a boyfriend and his name is Declan."

"I saw Jessica in the hall at school and she told me Declan was her boyfriend."

"I know Declan has a lot of girlfriends, but don't he and Avery look perfect together?"

Later, I verified this with Declan. "Who's your best girlfriend?"

"Ava," he said solemnly.

"Second best?"


"And Brooke is third?"


You would think such a ladies' man would be the life of the party, but when Matty took Declan to Brooke's birthday party the day after his own, Declan turned the wallflower. He and Matty wandered the outskirts of the party, Declan completely engaged in his own play but not willing to actually speak to any of his friends.

Is this why he's so appealing to all the little girls in his class? Is playing hard to get (and being attracted by it) so innate a human behavior? Is that why Declan's so popular with the girls?

Probably not. Yesterday, Declan's teacher sent home a picture of him and Brooke, her arm draped around his shoulders, a satisfied grin on his face.

"He looks like a pimp," Kylie observed.

Hard to get, indeed.

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