Monday, April 28, 2008

The Scratcher and the Biter

Amy and I often pontificate about the deep bond Aaron and Ronan have, one that we feel will only develop more with time, until they are best buddies and co-captains of the football team in high school and going on double dates with the hot twins in their class. Well, if what they say is true--that little kids show their affection by teasing other kids, pulling their pigtails, etc.--then Ronan and Aaron are off to a great start.

I'm too embarrassed to actually take a picture and post it here, but suffice it to say that Ronan really, really, really likes Aaron, as evidenced by the scratches and claw marks all over Aaron's face. We noticed them last night at dinner, when Matty approached the two boys at the dinner table to remove Ronan's hand from Aaron's mouth and try to dislodge Aaron's tiny teeth from Ronan's chubby hand. Matty was aghast. "Oh... my... God...," he said. "Did you see this?"

I hadn't, but even when I did, I wasn't too concerned. I think Aaron and Ronan each give as good as they get, though Ronan's temperament and preferred method of attack make him seem tougher than little Aaron. Ronan screams and claws at the face, drawing everyone's attention and leaving indelible signs of attack. Aaron quietly chomps down on some part of his opponent's body and doesn't let go, not drawing anyone's attention (except maybe his victim) and leaving marks that quickly fade (thankfully, his teeth aren't that sharp).

I think part of Matty's shock and horror was due to the fact that Amy and Andy are away for a few days, and that we somehow failed to protect their youngest son in their absence. But the fact is, Aaron didn't seem fazed. Matty punished Ronan, despite the fact that the attack had happened much earlier, and as Matty pointed out the marks on Aaron's face, Ronan cried and held up his own hand, pointing out the fading red divots in protest.

Of course, 5 minutes later, all was forgotten as the two boys got back to laughing and shouting and throwing things, all the scintillating activities 2-year-old boys find so fascinating. Until next time...

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