Monday, March 9, 2009

Communal Living at its Finest

We don't spend all our time together, sitting arms linked in front of the fireplace singing camp songs and making s'mores, but there are times when we think to ourselves, Why don't more people do this?

Here's one of those times:

I was at a book club meeting. Matty was cleaning up after dinner (then grabbed his camera to snap this pic). Amy was reading to 5/8 of the children in this house.

And this is why we live the way we do.

Of course, not everything works better with more kids involved. Last night Andy filled the big tub with Erika, Hilary, Declan, Aaron, Gretchen, a gazillion bath toys, two scrubbies, and one gallon of liquid soap. It was a swarm of limbs and flesh the likes of which I'd never seen. Erika and Hilary were fighting. Aaron kept hitting Declan's penis. Gretchen was wailing, "Soap in my eyes! Soap in my eyes!" Five was clearly too many kids for one bath.

But for reading a book? Five is just right.


Scarlett said...

I wanted to tell you that, ever since I stumbled onto your blog several months ago, I've stopped in on occasion, and can't help but keep getting more and more enchanted with your living situation. I may be a little idealistic, but I forwarded your blog to my sister, and we decided that "when we grow up" - we're both unmarried and in our early twenties - we'd LOVE to live together with our families. (Our boyfriends have been a harder sell, but our fingers are crossed that the idea would appeal a little more in a couple years.) It seems so practical and economical, but way more than that, the built in community and extended family life seems like it's something that's missing from the modern world.

Just to let you know you might be making converts!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the making converts. I live in CA. Housing is expensive here, too. My parents at one time expressed interest in our building a second home on their 5-acre lot. My wife wasn't keen on the idea, so we passed. I have consider the Italian style generational communal living as ideal and have seen some do it well. I think it would be great for the kids and would ensure us adults have sufficient drive to make up our differences. We both could use the help. I think we might ask them about the 2nd home again.

Anonymous said...

Um, I should say "Lucy Schmidt" comment above was actually written by the husband Keith.