Thursday, June 18, 2009

Digging a Hole, Part 3

What can I say? We're a hole-y family. (Ba dump bump.)

But seriously, what is it about kids and holes? It's like spinning in circles; an activity kids are almost compelled to do, though adults are seemingly immune to its charms.

Last month at the beach, the kids spent an entire weekend digging holes. Here's Aaron and Erika in mid-dig:

And here they are, showing off their work:

Of course, once your hole is dug, there's only one thing to do:

Fill it! Many times over:

Happy digging!


Lauren said...

We had friends down the shore a few years back and as Brian was collecting his shovel and other beach items, our friend asked, "well, what are they going to do all day?" Brian said, "I'm going to dig a hole and let them play in it." Our friend said, "and after that?" "That's it. All you need is a hole. Dig a hole, the kids will come." He insisted his kids were more sophisticated. Not so. That hole gave a whole day of fun for our kids and a bunch of other kids who were attracted to it like flies to a lightbulb.

And now? Every beach outing includes a hole. Sometimes it IS that simple.

Rose said...

I remember when I was little I was obsessed with making "pools" at the beach. I think the most fun part was to either A. keep the water in or B. not have it be destroyed by the tide. Lots of hours spent racing from the water to the "pool" with a bucket of water, or trying to block one side off with a wall.