Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Erika!

Erika celebrated her 7th birthday last week in the quiet, subdued manner we've all come to expect in a household with 7+ kids.

First, we went to Bertucci's, where Gretchen screamed most of the time, Aaron screamed part of the time, Ronan threw dough at us a few times, Hilary was whining some of the time, and Erika and Declan were mean to Hilary a number of times (Me: Why is Hilary crying? Declan: Because we told her we shaved Dora's head and ate Dora and Boots).

Then we went home for Amy's favorite Carvel birthday cake (Sure, Amy, that's what Erika wanted). Erika took one bite and exclaimed, "This is delicious! Who bought it for me?"

Amy and Andy were so proud.

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